Why Clipper ?

Why not ? Clipper is a high level programming language and is the best one.

Although someone suppose that Clipper is dead, this is not correct; confusion is : some Clipper compilers remain in DOS, but Clipper language is still alive. Not only for DOS, now for almost all platforms including MS-DOS, MS-Windows (32,64), Windows CE, Pocket PC, OS/2, GNU/Linux and Mac OSX.

There are many ( commercial and open-source ) new applications; although  they are individual projects, IMO anything uses ( and / or based upon ) Clipper language, is also a continuation  of Clipper.

Harbour is a free software compiler for the xBase superset language Clipper, extremely solid and efficient.

Harbour MiniGUI – HMG is a Free / Open Source xBase WIN32 GUI Development System for Windows and is extremely stable and reliable.

Since HMG successfully constructed to work with MinGW, we have now a completely free and extremly stable and reliable package : Harbour + MiniGUI + MingW; a free Windows tool constructed on the original xBase spirit : powerful, intuitive and easy to use.

With freeware  HMG-IDE, an extremly sophisticated project builder and form editor, we have a comprehensive and complete Windows programming toolkit; moreover ready to 64 bit !

Happy Clipper’ing 😀

Caution : All information herein compiled from various sources and  may be changed somethings afterward.