Warn Lazy User

I’m not sure, this is funny or not, useful or not; only a little experiment on HMG power.

“Warn Lazy User” is a function (procedure) and is embedded in famous HMG sample Main.Demo.

Why Main Demo? Because I like much this sample, in my opinion this is “father” of all HMG sample; almost everything included in and as possible as simple and intuitive way.

Download source.

National Change Case

and others...

All are useful and adequate functions / commands, no doubt.

But sometime inefficient for me; and, I’m using my own case convert function

By changing two national character set layout, usable for all languages.

Download source.

National Alternate Collating Sequence

Some (including mine) language include accented characters and in PC everything likes for English ! All non-english character come after “z” ! Damn !

Fortunately (many thanks to builders of Clipper), dBase indexes have opportunity of based (none only field content), any valid expression, including a return value of a function

So we can use a function for product correct value for correct indexing.

Download source.

Low-Level DBU

Not a real DBU, only an experimental work with very limited DB operations.

Primary goal of this project is access, detect, inspect and digg a damaged table.

Reasons of damage may be various, so recovery method too depends damage type.

This program open a table by Low_Level file access and read methods.

A second usage may be inspecting how data recorded into a table; always in the visible form or not.

I also tried some function to easy using of Virtual Grid. The virtual grid is a very handy control (even have more possibilities than standard Grid). But don’t have AddItems and Refresh methods. This program have two little functions for this purpose ( VGridAddItem() and VGridRefresh() ).

Another interesting point may be showing how can be implement “returning beginning of procedure” from anywhere of that procedure ( procedure : LL_UseTable() ).

Copyright © Bicahi Esgici <esgici <at> gmail>

Download: sourceexecutable.

DBA : Data Base Assistant

DBA is an imitiative work to the © dBASE III’s Assistant.

It may be an easy tool for people who are familiar to this base architecture of the whole x-Base family.

Many thanks to :

Antonio Linares ( Initiator and first developer of © Harbour ) and

“Le Roy” Roberto Lopez ( Initiator, Builder and Developer of © HMG  ).

Without this two big men and their volonteer coworkers, DBA ( and many others of course) couldn’t be exist.

Download ( setup executable ) here.