Build a Harbour application

How I can build a Harbour applications ?

Method 1 : By batch processing:

First you have two path definition: harbour\bin and mingw\bin

If  HMG installed in your PC, harbour and mingw directories are already exists. If your HMG root <dir> is c:\hmg, harbour\bin is :


and your mingw\bin is


If  HMG not installed or you want use other than HMG folders, you will change paths definitions according to your choice.

Than for this path definitions you will enter (preferably by a  a .bat file ) a command like this:

SET PATH=c:\hmg\HARBOUR\bin;c:\hmg\MINGW\bin;%PATH%

After run this batch file, it’s sufficient a single command for build your application ( in your working directory including <MyProg> of course ):

hbmk2 <MyProg>

hbmk is probably ultimate utility in make area; extremely versatile and extremely successful.

By command window (after changing current directory to harbour\bin or setting path as mentioned below) enter


(without any more world) for short help and

hbmk2 -help

for long one.

More detailed help may find in Harbour Project users’ mailing list.

Method 2 : By hbIDE

( With words of author, Pritbal Bedi) hbIDE, as the name implies, Harbour’s Integrated Development Environment, is an open-source, multi-platform, project. hbIDE is aimed at simplifying the process of project life-cycle comprising, setting-up the project components, editing the sources, building them to final binaries.

You may find more info on hbIDE  herehere and  project home page.

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