General :



HMG Forum 


OOHG : Object Oriented Harbour GUI


Harbour :

The Harbour Project Home


Common :

Alexander Kresin

Clipper… Clipper… Clipper

Programación Harbour (by Miguel Angel Juárez Apaza)

The Oasis: the largest file archive for Clipper and x-Base on the web

HMG Page by Pepe Ruano (Spanish)

The Holmes’s Clipper Page : Useful infos on Clipper

Various sources for Harbour Minigui

From CA-Clipper to Windows in 5 Minutes

Clipper to Harbour – A Visual Tour by Pritpal Bedi

Clipper On Line (Portugues)

Harbour MiniGUI Lights (Portugues)


Windows Programming

Other :

MinGW : Minimalist GNU for Windows

Crimson Editor : A professional source code editor for Windows.

Notepad++ : a free source code editor

PSPad : a freeware programmer’s editor

UPX : The Ultimate Packer for eXecutables

Inno Setup : A free installer for Windows programs.

GTK : A multi-platform toolkit for building graphical user interfaces.

Groups and mailling lists :

Harbour Project users’ mailing list

Harbour Project developers’ mailing list

Harbour Community in Google Plus

Harbour MiniGUI Discussion

xMate : a freeware project manager and builder

Harbour MiniGUI (HMG) En Español

MiniGUI em Português

Grupo ooHG : Minigui compatible Graphic Library, class based and oop programming

MiniGui Rutinas : Grupo para compartir cualquier tipo de rutinas de Minigui extended, HMG, OOH

Oficial mailing list: Marinas-GUI

Documentations :


ITL Programming


Norton Guides (OuSob)

Norton Guides (x-hacker)

Dave Pearson


Download / Install          

 How to build harbour for windows

 Harbour download and compile

Language references

Great guides and Tutorials by  Giovanni Di Maria


Harbour Online Help

Harbour Language programming





Harbour collection Bis



 MiniGui Extended For Dummies

There are multiple news, discussion and mail groups about Clipper, Harbour and HMG. Surely, if you search, you will find more convenient to your needs. There are also a lot of individual web sites where you can obtain useful information on the subject.

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