UDFs_01 : Defining and calling


UDFs_01 : Defining and calling

Functions and Procedures ( sometimes referred as User Defined Function : UDF )
are basic building block of Harbour programs.

Functions and Procedures are similar, only diffrence is requirments of return value;
by definition, procedures return NIL and functions have a return value.

Practically no difference between two; functions and procedures both may or may not
return value and undefined return value is NIL.

This is a typical example of a user-defined function definition and calling it.

For more information refer here.



   cCurrent:= "01:43" 

   ? AmPm( cCurrent)


RETURN // Main()


FUNCTION AmPm( cTime )

   IF VAL( cTime ) < 12
      cTime += " am"
   ELSEIF VAL( cTime ) = 12
      cTime += " pm"
      cTime += STR( VAL( cTime ) - 12, 2 ) +;
               SUBSTR( cTime, 3 ) + " pm"

RETURN cTime // AmPm()


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