Identifier length limit

What is variable and field name length limit in Harbour ?

Harbour support long field names without any problem.

TBrowse in Harbour also does not have any 10 character limit.

Variable and field names in Harbour can have up to 63 characters. This limit is defined in hbvmpub.h:


and can be changed to any bigger value if necessary.

All problems are result of DBASE III DBF format which has 10 character field name limit.

It’s not Harbour problem but DBF structure created many years ago which cannot be changed due to compatibility with other systems using such files.

If you want to use longer field names then you have to chose RDD which uses different low level storage format then DBASE III DBF and supports longer field names.



String to array conversion

How I can convert a string list to array ?

PROC Main()
 cList := " arabesque, bolero, clair de lune, la mere, nocturnes, debussy"
 aList := HB_ATOKENS( cList, ',' )
 AEVAL( aList, { | c1 | QOUT( c1 ) } )
 Result :
   clair de lune
   la mere

 WAIT "EOF Lst2Arry.prg"

 RETU // Lst2Arry.prg