HMG-IDE as a DB Manager

HMG-IDE as a Database Manager


Beside other capabilities, HMG-IDE is a clever and practical database manager. You can easily build, open, browse and modify structure of tables (.dbf files).

Building a new table :

1° : Select “New Table” in Project menu :


2°  “Table Name” input box will be open; enter a name for new table and press “Ok”:


3° “Table Modify” page will be open :


Define here structure of your new table.

After pressing “Save” button, you will see name of new table in “Tables” tab of project browser:


4° You can use the table by double-click its name in the “Tables” tab of project browser; “Table Edit” page will be open:


 5° As seen, you can browse or modify structure of the table by pressing appropriate button. Modify structure page is same as the above step. Browse page is like this :


Open an existing table :

If your table is in same folder of project ( .hbp) file IDE will open it automatically.  For open tables from other places use “Import File” option of project menu :


In this case, HMG-IDE will copy this table to your project folder.