Parsing Text – FParse()

Parses a delimited text file and loads it into an array.
Syntax :
FParse( <cFileName>, <cDelimiter> ) --> aTextArray
Arguments :
<cFileName> : This is a character string holding the name of the text file to load 
 into an array. It must include path and file extension. 
 If the path is omitted from <cFileName>, 
 the file is searched in the current directory. 

 <cDelimiter> : This is a single character used to parse a single line of text. 
 It defaults to the comma.
Return :
The function returns a two dimensional array, or an empty array when the file 
cannot be opened. 

Description :

 Function FParse() reads a delimited text file and parses each line 
 of the file at <cDelimiter>. The result of line parsing is stored in an array.
This array, again, is collected in the returned array, 
 making it a two dimensional array
FParse() is mainly designed to read the comma-separated values (or CSV) file format, 
 were fields are separated with commas and records with new-line character(s). 

Library is : xHb 

#define CRLF HB_OsNewLine()
LOCAL cTextFName := "Shakespeare.txt",;

 SetMode( 40, 120 )


 HB_MEMOWRIT( cTextFName,;
              "When in eternal lines to time thou grow'st," + CRLF + ;
              "So long as men can breathe, or eyes can see," + CRLF + ;
              "So long lives this, and this gives life to thee." )

 aLines := FParse( cTextFName, " " )

 ? "Text file word by word :"
 FOR EACH a1Line IN aLines
    AEVAL( a1Line, { | c1Word | QOUT( c1Word ) } )
 @ MAXROW(), 0
 WAIT "EOF TP_FParse.prg" 

RETURN // TP_FParse.Main()


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