Tools — Printer Functions

Introduction Printer Functions
NUMPRINTER() Returns the number of parallel ports
PRINTFILE()  Prints out ASCII files; clears high bits
PRINTINIT()  Initializes one of the printers
PRINTREADY() Determines if a particular printer is ready
PRINTSCR()   Prints screen contents
PRINTSCRX()  Prints screen contents while it exchanges specific characters
PRINTSEND()  Sends characters directly to a printer
PRINTSTAT()  Determines the status of a parallel port
SPOOLACTIV() Determines if the DOS PRINT program is installed
SPOOLADD()   Appends a file to the print queue.
SPOOLCOUNT() Determines the number of entries in the print spool queue
SPOOLDEL()   Deletes files from the print queue
SPOOLENTRY() Determines the name and path of a print job
SPOOLFLUSH() Completely empty the print queue
TOF()        Determines if Clipper is at top of form (TOF)

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