CT Date and Time Functions
     Sets the system date
     SetDate( <dDate>, [<lMode>] ) --> lSet
     <dDate>  Designates which date to use to set the system date.
     <lMode>  Designates whether the date should also be set in the CMOS-
     RAM of an AT.  The default is do not write (.F.). Note that in Windows
     plataform this adjust is automatic, therefore this parameter is without
     SetDate() RETURNs .T. when the date is successfully set.
     When you use this FUNCTION to set the system date from within your
     application, all files acquire this date with each write procedure.
     // Set the system date in each case; but the hardware clock only
     // on an AT:
     dNewDate := hb_SToD( "19910730" )
     IF IsAt()
        SetDate( dNewDate, .T. )
        SetDate( dNewDate )
     Or, more compactly:
     SetDate( dNewDate, IsAt() )
     This function is Clipper Tools compatible.
     Windows, Linux
     Library is hbct.

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