Converts the name of the month into a corresponding number

     CTOMONTH(<cMonth>) --> nMonth


     <cMonth>  Designates the name of one of the 12 months.


     CTOMONTH() returns the number for the designated month name.


     Use CTOMONTH() to change the name of a month into a number.  January
     corresponds to 1, February 2, etc..  If the function returns a 0 value,
     then an invalid parameter has been passed.  If you shorten the month
     name, use explicit abbreviations to return an accurate return value.


     .  Uppercase and lowercase letters do not affect the name of the

     .  The function's operation depends on the country-specific
        adaptation of your CA-Clipper compiler.  With an English version of
        CA-Clipper, only English month names are recognized.


     .  Show the number for January:

        ? CTOMONTH("January")      // Result: 1

     .  Show several ways to determine the month number for August:

        ? CTOMONTH("AUGUST")       // Result: 8
        ? CTOMONTH("August")       // Result: 8
        ? CTOMONTH("Au")           // Result: 8

     .  The number for April:

        ?CTOMONTH("A")             // Result: 4

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