Returns a date in the "Month DD, YY" format


     MDY([<dDate>]) --> cDate


     <dDate>  Designates the date from which to create a string.  The
     default is the system date.


     MDY() returns a character string in Month DD, YY, or "Month DD, YYYY"


     MDY() returns the date in a character string that contains the day, name
     of month, and year.  The Clipper SET CENTURY ON/OFF switch determines
     whether or not the year is displayed in 2 or 4 digits.

     If the function is called without a parameter, it automatically uses the
     current system date.


     .  The returned month name always depends on which Clipper
        nations module is in use.  A German or French version of
        Clipper returns the appropriate month names, despite its
        characteristically American display.

? "Today :", DATE(), MDY()
dDate := CTOD("02/01/89")
? dDate, MDY( dDate )

See Also: DMY()

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