Changes the number of a weekday into a weekday name

     NTOCDOW(<nWeekday>) --> cWeekday


     <nWeekday>  Designates a weekday number from 1 to 7.


     NTOCDOW() returns a name that corresponds to its weekday number.


     This function converts a weekday number into the corresponding name.
     Sunday is 1, Monday is 2, Saturday is 7.  If you pass a number outside
     of this range, the function returns a 0 value.


     .  Function operation depends on the country-specific adaptation
        of your Clipper compiler.  With an English version of Clipper,
        only English day names are returned.


     An English Clipper returns:

     ? NTOCDOW(1)      // "Sunday"
     ? NTOCDOW(4)      // "Wednesday"
     ? NTOCDOW(7)      // "Saturday"
     ? NTOCDOW(8)      // ""

See Also: CTODOW()


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