Changes the number of a month into a month name

     NToCMonth(<nMonth>) --> cMonth


     <nMonth>  Designates a month number for which a month name is returned.


     NToCMonth() returns the name that corresponds to the month number.


     NToCMonth() determines the month name that corresponds to its month
     number.  January is 1, February is 2, ..., December is 12.  If a number
     outside this range is passed, the function returns a null string as a


     The function's operation depends on the country specific adaptation of
     your Clipper compiler.  With an English version of Clipper, only
     English day names are returned.


     An English Clipper returns:

     ? NToCMonth(1)         //"January"
     ? NToCMonth(2)         //"February"
     ? NToCMonth(12)        //"December"
     ? NToCMonth(14)        //""

See Also: CToMonth()

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