Continuously displays the time at desired screen position


     ShowTime([<nRow>], [<nColumn>], [<lMode>],
        [<cAttr|nAttr>], [<l12/24>], [<lAM/PM>]) --> cNull


     <nRow>  Designates the row where the time is displayed.  The default
     is the cursor row.

     <nColumn>  Designates the column where the time is displayed.  The
     default is the cursor column.

     <lMode>  Designates whether seconds are to appear in the time
     display (.F.), or not (.T.).  The default is display seconds (.F.).

     <cAttr|nAttr>  Designates to the screen attribute to use for the
     time display.  Strings in the form "NN/NN" or "CC/CC" (e.g., "0/7" or
     "B/GR") are possible.  The default is the setting for CLEARA (see
     Introduction, Video Functions).

     <l12/24>  By designating this parameter as .T., a 12-hour display is
     selected.  The default is a 24-hour display (.F.).

     <lAM/PM>  If you have a 24-hour display, you may want to switch on
     an am/pm display.  When you specify this parameter as .T., an "a" or "p"
     (as in DOS), appears to reflect the time.  The default is no display

     ()  A call without parameters uninstalls the time display.


     ShowTime() always returns a null string.


     This function permits you to constantly display the time in any screen
     position desired. ShowTime() is interrupt controlled and has the ability
     to display the time in either "hh:mm:ss" or "hh:mm" format.  A 12- or 24     -hour display can be selected, with or without an am/pm display.


     Warning!  ShowTime() works with the interrupt system.  Before
     leaving your Clipper application, you must uninstall ShowTime() , so
     that the interrupt vectors can be restored.  Otherwise, the system will
     be unstable and will eventually crash.  Simultaneous use of the
     accompanying Extended Drivers Modules automatically restores the
     interrupt vectors in use.

     .  Specify the screen attribute as either a numeric or a string
        in "NN/NN" form.  If no attribute is specified, the value for CLEARA
        applies (see Introduction Video Functions).


     .  Display a clock in row 0, column 70, with no seconds display
        and the standard attribute.  When a display is shown in row 0, switch
        SCOREBOARD off!

        ShowTime(0, 70, .T.)      //  Turn on clock
        SHOWTIME()                //  Uninstall clock

     .  Show a 12-hour display with am/pm on the lowest row.  White
        letters on a blue background:

        ShowTime(24, 70, .T., "W/B")

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