Finds the sum of the ASCII values of all the characters of a string


     ASCIISUM(<cString>) --> nASCIISum


     <cString>  Designates the character string for which the sum of all
     the ASCII values is computed.


     ASCIISUM() returns a number that corresponds to the sum of the ASCII
     codes of all the characters in <cString>.


     ASCIISUM() allows you to form simple checksums for character strings.
     For example, this can be implemented during remote data transmission to
     identify transmission errors.


     .  This function does not take character position into account,
        so it cannot determine a character transposition.  The CHECKSUM()
        function should be used to determine character transposition.


     .  Transposed characters yield identical results:

        ? ASCIISUM("abc")          // Result: 294
        ? ASCIISUM("cba")          // Result: 294

     .  A null string returns 0:

        ? ASCIISUM("")             // Result: 0

See Also: CHECKSUM()


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