Converts a floating point number into a special 8-byte string

     FTOC(<nFloatingPointNumber>) --> cFloatingPointNumber


     <nFloatingPointNumber>  Designate any Clipper number.


     FTOC() returns an 8-byte character string.


     Clipper internal numbers are displayed as 64-bit floating point
     numbers.  FTOC() returns these 64 bits as an 8-byte string.  In this
     way, numbers can be locked and/or saved more compactly.


     .  The XTOC() function converts floating point numbers in the
        same way.


     It is not useful to display the return value on the screen:

     NumberString  :=  FTOC(274711.335)      // 8 byte string

See Also: CTOF() XTOC()


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