Exchanges particular characters at the beginning and end of a string

        nSearchCharacter>]) --> cString


     <cString>  [@]  Designates the string that is processed.

     <cReplacecharacter|nReplacecharacter>  Designates the character that
     replaces the character in <cSearchCharacter|nSearchCharacter> at the
     beginning and end of <cString>.

     <cSearchCharacter|nSearchCharacter>  Designates the character at the
     beginning and end of <cString> that is replaced by <cReplacecharacter|
     nReplacecharacter>.  The default value designates a space, CHR(32).


     The processed <cString> is returned.


     REPLALL() can be used to exchange all leading and trailing spaces in a
     character string for any other character.  Notice that the first non-
     replaceable character in either direction causes REPLALL() to stop
     replacing characters on that side.


     .  The return value of this function can be suppressed by
        implementing CSETREF() to save space in working memory.


     .  Replace spaces with dashes.  Replace the spaces only on the
        side where the character was found:

        ? REPLALL("abcd  ", "-")           // "abcd--"

     .  Replace zeros with spaces:

        ? REPLALL("001234", " ", "0")      // "  1234"

     .  Replace the blanks with dashes on both sides:

        ? REPLALL("   d  ", "-")           // "---d--"

     .  Replace only continuous sequences of characters at the
        beginning and the end of the character string:

        ? REPLALL(" d d  ", "-")           // "-d d--"

See Also: REPLLEFT() REPLRIGHT() CSETREF() Introduction


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