Reduces the multiple appearances of particular double characters to one

     WORDONE([<cDoubleCharacter>],<cString>) --> cString


     <cDoubleCharacter>  Designates which 2-byte sequences are only to
     appear once together in <cString>.  The default value is for all 2-byte

     <cString>  Designates a string that has only specific 2-byte
     sequences that appear together after manipulation.


     WORDONE() returns the modified character string.


     A unique operation is carried out on a string that is constructed out of
     2-byte sequences ("words").  The multiple sequence appearances must lie
     immediately beside one another, which allows a CHARSORT() with an
     element length of 2 to be executed.

     These sequences can be integers that have been generated using the
     Clipper I2BIN() function and have been deposited in a string.  In
     conjunction with other string functions like WORDONLY(), WORDONE() is an
     extremely effective system for working with these kinds of files.


     .  The term "word" is not used here in the textual sense, but
        rather as it is used in assembler programming.  A "word" consists of
        units of 16 bits, or more precisely, 2 bytes.


     .  This is a simple example with characters that can be
        displayed.  The "AB" lie one after the other but not the "12":

        ? WORDONE("12ABAB12")             // "12AB12"

     .  The function always runs through the string in ordered pairs:

        ? WORDONE("12", "1212ABAB")       // "12ABAB"

See Also: CHARONE()

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