Convert a date value to a character day of the week

     CDOW(<dExp>) --> cDayName


     <dExp> is the date value to convert.


     CDOW() returns the name of the day of the week as a character string.
     The first letter is uppercase and the rest of the string is lowercase.
     For a null date value, CDOW() returns a null string ("").


     CDOW() is a date conversion function used in formatting date displays
     for reports, labels, and screens.


     .  These examples illustrate CDOW():

        ? DATE()                      // Result: 09/01/90
        ? CDOW(DATE())                // Result: Friday
        ? CDOW(DATE() + 7)            // Result: Friday
        ? CDOW(CTOD("06/12/90"))      // Result: Tuesday

 Files   Library is CLIPPER.LIB.

See Also: CTOD() DATE() DAY() DOW()


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