Converts from a degree to radian measure

     DTOR(<nAngle>) --> nArc


     <Angle>  Designates a valid angle measurement in degrees.


     DTOR() returns the radian of the specified value.


     In addition to expressing angle measurements in degrees, you may also
     need to express an angle in radians.  With DTOR(), you can convert
     degree measurements into radians.


     Show some calculations accurate to 15th place:

     ? STR(DTOR(360), 18, 15)     // Result: 6.283185307179588
     ? STR(DTOR(180), 18, 15)     // Result: 3.141592653589794
     ? STR(DTOR(180.5), 18, 15)   // Result: 3.150319299849766
     ? STR(DTOR(720), 18, 15)     // Result: 12.566370614359180
     ? STR(DTOR(-180), 18, 15)    // Result:-3.141592653589794

See Also: RTOD()


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