Return and optionally change information about a record

        [<expNewSetting>]) --> uCurrentSetting


     <nInfoType> determines the type of information, as specified by the
     constants below.  Note, however, that not all constants are supported
     for all RDDs.  These constants are defined in the Dbinfo.ch header file,
     which must be included (#include) in your application.

     Record Information Type Constants
     Constant       Description
     DBRI_DEL       Deleted flag status of the record
     DBRI_LOCK      Locked flag status of the record
     DBRI_SIZE      Length of the record
     DBRI_RECNO     Position of the record
     DBRI_UPDAT     Updated flag status of the record

     Important!  DBI_USER is a constant that returns the minimum value
     that third-party RDD developers can use for defining new <nInfoType>
     parameters.  Values less than DBI_USER are reserved for Computer
     Associates development.

     <nRecord> is the record to obtain information.  If omitted, the
     current record is used.

     <expNewSetting> is reserved for RDDs that allow the file information
     to be changed, in addition to being retrieved.  None of the RDDs
     supplied with Clipper support this argument.  It can be omitted or
     specified as NIL.


     If <expNewSetting> is not specified, DBRECORDINFO() returns the current
     setting.  If <expNewSetting> is specified, the previous setting is


     DBRECORDINFO() retrieves information about the state of a record (row).
     The type of information is specified by the <nInfoType> parameter.  By
     default, this function operates on the currently selected record.

     DBRECORDINFO() is designed to allow for additional <nInfoType> values
     that can be defined by third-party RDD developers.


     .  The following example uses DBRECORDINFO() to retrieve field

        #include "Dbinfo.ch"

        DBRECORDINFO(DBRI_SIZE)               // Same as RECSIZE()

        DBRECORDINFO(DBRI_LOCK, 200)         // Is record 200 locked?

        DBRECORDINFO(DBRI_DEL, 201)         // Is record 201 locked?

        DBRECORDINFO(DBRI_UPDAT)            // Is the current record
                                            // updated?

        DBRECORDINFO(DBRI_RECNO, 230)         // On which position is

                                            // record 230?
                                            // If no orders are active,
                                            // the position is 230;
                                            // otherwise, the relative
                                            // position within the order
                                            // will be returned.

 Files   Library is CLIPPER.LIB, header file is Dbinfo.ch.


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