Use a database file in a work area

     DBUSEAREA( [<lNewArea>], [<cDriver>], <cName>, [<xcAlias>],
       [<lShared>], [<lReadonly>]) --> NIL


     <lNewArea> is an optional logical value.  A value of true (.T.)
     selects the lowest numbered unoccupied work area as the current work
     area before the use operation.  If <lNewArea> is false (.F.) or omitted,
     the current work area is used; if the work area is occupied, it is
     closed first.

     <cDriver> is an optional character value.  If present, it specifies
     the name of the database driver which will service the work area.  If
     <cDriver> is omitted, the current default driver is used (see note

     <cName> specifies the name of the database (.dbf) file to be opened.

     <xcAlias> is an optional character value.  If present, it specifies
     the alias to be associated with the work area.  The alias must
     constitute a valid Clipper identifier.  A valid <xcAlias> may be any
     legal identifier (i.e., it must begin with an alphabetic character and
     may contain numeric or alphabetic characters and the underscore).
     Within a single application, Clipper will not accept duplicate
     aliases.  If <xcAlias> is omitted, a default alias is constructed from

     <lShared> is an optional logical value.  If present, it specifies
     whether the database (.dbf) file should be accessible to other processes
     on a network.  A value of true (.T.) specifies that other processes
     should be allowed access; a value of false (.F.) specifies that the
     current process is to have exclusive access.  If <lShared> is omitted,
     the current global _SET_EXCLUSIVE setting determines whether shared
     access is allowed.

     <lReadonly> is an optional logical value that specifies whether
     updates to the work area are prohibited.  A value of true (.T.)
     prohibits updates; a value of false (.F.) permits updates.  A value of
     true (.T.) also permits read-only access to the specified database
     (.dbf) file.  If <lReadonly> is omitted, the default value is false


     DBUSEAREA() always returns NIL.


     DBUSEAREA() associates the specified database (.dbf) file with the
     current work area.  It performs the same function as the standard USE
     command.  For more information, refer to the USE command.


     .  Current driver: If no driver is specified in the call to
        DBUSEAREA() the default driver is used.  If more than one driver is
        available to the application, the default driver is the driver
        specified in the most recent call to DBSETDRIVER().  If DBSETDRIVER()
        has not been called, the DBFNTX driver is used. If the default driver
        is undetermined, DBFNTX will be used.


     .  This example is a typical use of the DBUSEAREA() function:

        DBUSEAREA(.T., "DBFNDX", "Employees")

 Files   Library is CLIPPER.LIB.



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