Write a value to the current device

     DEVOUT(<exp>, [<cColorString>]) --> NIL


     <exp> is the value to display.

     <cColorString> is an optional argument that defines the display
     color of <exp>.  If the current DEVICE setting is SCREEN, the output is
     displayed in the specified color.

     If not specified, <exp> is displayed as the standard color of the
     current system color as defined by SETCOLOR().  <cColorString> is a
     character expression containing the standard color setting.  If you want
     to specify a literal color setting, enclose it in quote marks.


     DEVOUT() always returns NIL.


     DEVOUT() is a full-screen display function that writes the value of a
     single expression to the current device at the current cursor or
     printhead position.  Use DEVOUT() with DEVPOS() in Std.ch to implement
     the @...SAY command.


     .  This example shows the relationship between the DEVOUT()
        function and the @...SAY command:

        DEVPOS(10, 10)
        DEVOUT("Hello there", "BG+/B"))
        @ 10, 10 SAY "Hello there" COLOR "BG+/B"

 Files   Library is CLIPPER.LIB.


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