Display buffered screen updates

     DISPEND() --> NIL


     DISPEND() always returns NIL.


     DISPEND() is a screen function that informs the Clipper display
     output system that the application has finished performing a series of
     display operations.

     DISPEND() is used with DISPBEGIN() so the display output system can
     buffer display updates.  This can be important for applications in which
     complex screen displays are slow and the appearance of performance is


     .  This example buffers screen output, updates the screen, and
        then displays the buffered screen output:

        DISPBEGIN()            // Start screen buffering
        SETPOS(10, 10)
        DISPOUT("A display update")
        SETPOS(11, 10)
        DISPOUT("Another display update")
        DISPEND()               // Display buffered screen data

 Files   Library is CLIPPER.LIB.


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