Return the position of a field in a work area

     FIELDPOS(<cFieldName>) --> nFieldPos


     <cFieldName> is the name of a field in the current or specified work


     FIELDPOS() returns the position of the specified field within the list
     of fields associated with the current or specified work area.  If the
     current work area has no field with the specified name, FIELDPOS()
     returns zero.


     FIELDPOS() is a database function that is the inverse of the FIELDNAME()
     function.  FIELDPOS() is most often used with the FIELDPUT() and
     FIELDGET() functions.

     FIELDPOS() return the names of fields in any unselected work area by
     referring to the function using an aliased expression.  See the example


     .  This example demonstrates a typical specification of the
        FIELDPOS() function:

        USE Customer NEW
        ? FIELDPOS("Name")                     // Result: 1
        ? FIELDGET(FIELDPOS("Name"))           // Result: Kate

     .  This example uses FIELDPOS() to return the position of a
        specified field in a unselected work area:

        USE Customer NEW
        USE Invoices NEW
        ? Customer->(FIELDPOS("Name"))         // Result: 1
        ? Customer->(FIELDGET(FIELDPOS("Name")))
                                               // Result: Kate

 Files   Library is CLIPPER.LIB.


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