Return the currently active Get object

     GETACTIVE([<oGet>]) --> objGet


     <oGet> is a reference to a Get object.


     GETACTIVE() returns the Get object referenced by <oGet>.  If <oGet> is
     not specified, then the current active Get object within the current
     READ is used.  If there is no READ active when GETACTIVE() is called, it
     returns NIL.


     GETACTIVE() is an environment function that provides access to the
     active Get object during a READ.  The current active Get object is the
     one with input focus at the time GETACTIVE() is called.


     .  This code uses a WHEN clause to force control to branch to a
        special reader function.  Within this function, GETACTIVE() retrieves
        the active Get object:

        @ 10, 10 GET x
        @ 11, 10 GET y WHEN MyReader()
        @ 12, 10 GET z

        // Called just before second get (above)
        // becomes current
        FUNCTION MyReader
           LOCAL objGet               // Active Get holder
           objGet := GETACTIVE()      // Retrieve current

                                      // active Get
           BarCodeRead( objGet )
           RETURN (.F.)               // Causes Get to be
                                      // skipped in READ

 Files   Library is CLIPPER.LIB, source file is Getsys.prg.


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