Process SET KEY during GET editing

     GETDOSETKEY(<bKeyBlock>, <oGet>) --> NIL


     <oGet> is a reference to the current Get object.

     <bKeyBlock> is the code block to execute.


     GETDOSETKEY() always returns NIL.


     GETDOSETKEY() is a function that executes a SET KEY code block,
     preserving the context of the passed Get object.

     Note that the procedure name and line number passed to the SET KEY block
     are based on the most recent call to READMODAL().


     .  If a CLEAR GETS occurs in the SET KEY code, Get:exitState is
        set to GE_ESCAPE.  In the standard system this cancels the current
        Get object processing and terminates READMODAL().


     .  The following example determines if the last key pressed,
        nKey, has a SET KEY associated with it.  If it does, then GETDOSETKEY
        is called to execute that block on the current GET.

        IF ((bKeyBlock := SETKEY (nKey)) == NIL)
           GETDOSETKEY (bKeyBlock, oGet)

 Files   Library is CLIPPER.LIB, source file is Getsys.prg.



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