Replace all soft carriage returns in a character string with hard carriage

     HARDCR(<cString>) --> cConvertedString


     <cString> is the character string or memo field to be converted.


     HARDCR() returns a character string up to 65,535 (64K) characters in


     HARDCR() is a memo function that replaces all soft carriage returns
     (CHR(141)) with hard carriage returns (CHR(13)).  It is used to display
     long character strings and memo fields containing soft carriage returns
     with console commands.  In Clipper, console commands (including
     REPORT and LABEL FORM) do not automatically convert soft carriage
     returns to hard carriage returns, making it necessary for you to
     explicitly make the conversion.  Soft carriage returns are added by
     MEMOEDIT() when lines wrap.


     .  HARDCR() in REPORT and LABEL FORMs: If HARDCR() is used in a
        REPORT FORM or LABEL FORM contents expression and nowhere else, you
        must declare it EXTERNAL to ensure that it is linked.

     .  HARDCR() does not remove a soft carriage return if it is
        specified alone (i.e. HARDCR (CHR(141) ).  It requires the
        combination of a soft carriage return and a line feed, i.e., CHR(141)
        + CHR(10).


     .  To display a memo field formatted with the automatic word
        wrapping of MEMOEDIT():

        USE Sales NEW
        ? HARDCR(Sales->Notes)

 Files   Library is EXTEND.LIB.


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