Convert a date value to the number of the month

     MONTH(<dDate>) --> nMonth


     <dDate> is the date value to be converted.


     MONTH() returns an integer numeric value in the range of zero to 12.
     Specifying a null date (CTOD("")) returns zero.


     MONTH() is a date conversion function that is useful when you require a
     numeric month value during calculations for such things as periodic
     reports.  MONTH() is a member of a group of functions that return
     components of a date value as numeric values.  The group includes DAY()
     and YEAR() to return the day and year values as numerics.  CMONTH() is a
     related function that allows you to return the name of the month from a
     date value.


     .  These examples return the month of the system date:

        ? DATE()                        // Result: 09/01/90
        ? MONTH(DATE())                 // Result: 9
        ? MONTH(DATE()) + 1             // Result: 10

     .  This example demonstrates MONTH() acting on a null date:

        #define NULL_DATE   (CTOD(""))
        ? MONTH(NULL_DATE)              // Result: 0

 Files   Library is CLIPPER.LIB.

See Also: CMONTH() DAY() DOW() YEAR()


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