Remove a specified order from an order bag

     ORDDESTROY(<cOrderName> [, <cOrderBagName>]) --> NIL


     <cOrderName> is the name of the order to be removed from the current
     or specified work area.

     <cOrderBagName> is the name of a disk file containing one or more
     orders.  You may specify <cOrderBagName> as the file name with or
     without the path name or appropriate extension.  If you do not include
     the extension as part of <cOrderBagName>, Clipper uses the default
     extension of the current RDD.


     ORDDESTROY() always returns NIL.


     ORDDESTROY() is an order management function that removes a specified
     order from multiple-order bags.

     The active RDD determines the order capacity of an order bag.  The
     default DBFNTX and the DBFNDX drivers only support single-order bags,
     while other RDDs may support multiple-order bags (e.g., the DBFCDX and
     DBPX drivers).

     Note:  RDD suppliers may define specific behaviors for this command.

     Warning!  ORDDESTROY() is not supported for DBFNDX and DBFNTX.


     .  This example demonstrates ORDDESTROY() with the FoxPro driver,

        USE Customer VIA "DBFCDX" NEW
        SET INDEX TO Customer, CustTemp
        ORDDESTROY("CuAcct", "Customer")


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