Return an array of the available Replaceable Database Drivers (RDDs)

     RDDLIST([<nRDDType>]) --> aRDDList


     <nRDDType> is an integer that represents the type of the RDD you
     wish to list.  The constants RDT_FULL and RDT_TRANSFER represent the two
     types of RDDs currently available.

     RDDType Summary
     Constant     Value     Meaning
     RDT_FULL       1       Full RDD implementation
     RDT_TRANSFER   2       Import/Export only driver

     RDT_FULL identifies full-featured RDDs that have all the capabilities
     associated with an RDD.

     RDT_TRANSFER identifies RDDs of limited capability.  They can only
     transfer records between files.  You cannot use these limited RDD
     drivers to open a file in a work area.  The SDF and DELIM drivers are
     examples of this type of RDD.  They are only used in the implementation
     of APPEND FROM and COPY TO with SDF or DELIMITED files.


     RDDLIST() returns a one-dimensional array of the RDD names registered
     with the application as <nRDDType>.


     RDDLIST() is an RDD function that returns a one-dimensional array that
     lists the available RDDs.

     If you do not supply <nRDDType>, all available RDDs regardless of type
     are returned.


     .  In this example RDDLIST() returns an array containing the
        character strings, "DBF", "SDF", "DELIM", "DBFCDX", and "DBFNTX":


        . < statements >

        aRDDs := RDDLIST()

              // Returns {"DBF", SDF", "DELIM", "DBFCDX", "DBFNTX" }

     .  In this example, RDDLIST() returns an array containing the
        character strings, "SDF" and "DELIM":

        #include "rddsys.ch"
        . < statements >
        aImpExp := RDDLIST( RDT TRANSFER )

 Files   Rddsys.ch.


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