Return and optionally, set the code block that implements a format (.fmt)

     READFORMAT([<bFormat>]) --> bCurrentFormat


     <bFormat> is the name of the code block, if any, to use for
     implementing a format file.  If no argument is specified, the function
     simply returns the current code block without setting a new one.


     READFORMAT() returns the current format file as a code block.  If no
     format file has been set, READFORMAT() returns NIL.


     READFORMAT() is a Get system function that accesses the current format
     file in its internal code block representation.  It lets you manipulate
     the format file code block from outside of the Get system's source code.

     To set a format file, use SET FORMAT (see the SET FORMAT entry ) or

     READFORMAT() is intended primarily for creating new READ layers.  The
     code block that READFORMAT() returns, when evaluated, executes the code
     that is in the format file from which it was created.

 Files   Library is CLIPPER.LIB, source file is Getsys.prg.


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