Toggle the current insert mode for READ and MEMOEDIT()

     READINSERT([<lToggle>]) --> lCurrentMode


     <lToggle> toggles the insert mode on or off.  True (.T.) turns
     insert on, while false (.F.) turns insert off.  The default is false
     (.F.) or the last user-selected mode in READ or MEMOEDIT().


     READINSERT() returns the current insert mode state as a logical value.


     READINSERT() is an environment function that reports the current state
     of the insert mode for READ and MEMOEDIT() and, optionally, sets the
     insert mode on or off depending on the value of <lToggle>.  When
     READINSERT() returns false (.F.) and the user enters characters into a
     Get object's buffer during a READ or a MEMOEDIT(), characters are
     overwritten.  When READINSERT() returns true (.T.), entered characters
     are inserted instead.  The insert mode is a global setting belonging to
     the system and not to any specific object.

     You can execute READINSERT() prior to or during a READ or MEMOEDIT().
     If used with READ, READINSERT() can be invoked within a WHEN or VALID
     clause of @...GET or within a SET KEY procedure.  If used with
     MEMOEDIT(), it can be invoked with the user function as well as a SET
     KEY procedure.


     .  This example sets the insert mode prior to entering MEMOEDIT()
        and resets the mode when MEMOEDIT() terminates:

        USE Sales NEW

        // Turn on insert mode
        lInsMode = READINSERT(.T.)
        Sales->Notes := MEMOEDIT(Sales->Notes)
        // Restore previous insert mode

 Files   Library is CLIPPER.LIB.


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