Release Get objects from the current GetList array



     CLEAR GETS explicitly releases all Get objects in the current and
     visible GetList array, and terminates the calling READ, releasing any
     remaining objects in the calling READ, if executed within a SET KEY
     procedure or a user-defined function invoked by a VALID clause.  CLEAR
     GETS releases Get objects by assigning an empty array to the variable
     GetList.  GetList is the name of the variable used to hold an array of
     Get objects for subsequent READ commands.  There are two other
     mechanisms that automatically release Get objects: CLEAR specified
     without the SCREEN clause, and READ specified without the SAVE clause.

     CLEAR GETS has two basic uses.  First, it can be used to terminate a
     READ from a SET KEY procedure or VALID user-defined function.  Second,
     it can be used to delete Get objects from the GetList array when you
     have not executed a READ or you have saved the Get objects by using READ

 Files   Library is CLIPPER.LIB.



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