Close a specific set of files



     <idAlias> specifies the work area where all files are to be closed.

     ALL closes alternate, database, and index files in all work areas,
     releasing all active filters, relations, and format definitions.

     ALTERNATE closes the currently open alternate file, performing the
     same action as SET ALTERNATE TO with no argument.

     DATABASES closes all open databases, memo and associated index files
     in all work areas, and releases all active filters and relations.  It
     does not, however, have any effect on the active format.

     FORMAT releases the current format, performing the same action as
     SET FORMAT TO with no argument.

     INDEXES closes all index files open in the current work area.


     CLOSE is a general purpose command that closes various types of
     Clipper files depending on the specified option.  CLOSE with no
     option closes the current database and associated files, the same as USE
     with no arguments.

     In Clipper, a number of other commands also close files including:

     .  QUIT

     .  CANCEL*

     .  RETURN from the highest level procedure

     .  CLEAR ALL*

     .  USE with no argument

 Files   Library is CLIPPER.LIB.


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