Copy a file to a new file or to a device

     COPY FILE <xcSourceFile> TO <xcTargetFile>|<xcDevice>


     <xcSourceFile> is the name of the source file to copy including the

     <xcTargetFile> is the name of the target file including the

     Both arguments can be specified as literal file names or as character
     expressions enclosed in parentheses.  COPY FILE supplies no default

     <xcDevice> is the name of the device where all subsequent output
     will be sent.  You can specify a device name as a literal character
     string or a character expression enclosed in parentheses.  Additionally,
     a device can be either local or network.  If you COPY TO a non-existing
     device, you create a file with the name of the device.  When specifying
     device names, do not use a trailing colon.


     COPY FILE is a file command that copies files to and from the Clipper
     default drive and directory unless you specify a drive and/or path.  If
     the <xcTargetFile> exists, it is overwritten without warning or error.


     .  This example copies a file to a new file and then tests for
        the existence of the new file:

        COPY FILE Test.prg TO Real.prg
        ? FILE("Real.prg")                  // Result: .T.

 Files   Library is EXTEND.LIB.


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