Create an empty structure extended (.dbf) file

     CREATE <xcExtendedDatabase>


     <xcExtendedDatabase> is the name of the empty structure extended
     database file.  This argument can be specified either as a literal
     database file name or as a character expression enclosed in parentheses.
     If no extension is specified, .dbf is the default extension.


     CREATE produces an empty structure extended database file with the
     following structure:

     Structure of an Extended File
     Field   Name           Type        Length    Decimals
     1       Field_name     Character   10
     2       Field_type     Character   1
     3       Field_len      Numeric     3         0
     4       Field_dec      Numeric     4         0

     Like COPY STRUCTURE EXTENDED, CREATE can be used in conjunction with
     CREATE FROM to form a new database file.  Unlike COPY STRUCTURE
     EXTENDED, CREATE produces an empty database file and does not require
     the presence of another database file to create it.

     <xcExtendedDatabase> is automatically opened in the current work area
     after it is created.


     .  This example creates a new structure extended file, places the
        definition of one field into it, and then CREATEs a new database file
        FROM the extended structure:

        CREATE TempStru
        REPLACE Field_name WITH "Name",;
           Field_type WITH "C",;
           Field_len WITH 25,;
           Field_dec WITH 0
        CREATE NewFile FROM TempStru

 Files   Library is CLIPPER.LIB.


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