Determine the work area number of a specified alias

     SELECT([<cAlias>]) --> nWorkArea


     <cAlias> is the target work area alias name.


     SELECT() returns the work area of the specified alias as an integer
     numeric value.


     SELECT() is a database function that determines the work area number of
     an alias.  The number returned can range from 0 to 250.  If <cAlias> is
     not specified, the current work area number is returned.  If <cAlias> is
     specified and the alias does not exist, SELECT() returns zero.

     Note:  The SELECT() function and SELECT command specified with an
     extended expression argument look somewhat alike.  This should not be a
     problem since the SELECT() function is not very useful on a line by


     .  This example uses SELECT() to determine which work area
        USE...NEW selected:

        USE Sales NEW
        SELECT 1
        ? SELECT("Sales")            // Result: 4

     .  To reselect the value returned from the SELECT() function, use
        the SELECT command with the syntax, SELECT (<idMemvar>), like this:

        USE Sales NEW
        nWorkArea:= SELECT()
        USE Customer NEW
        SELECT (nWorkArea)

 Files   Library is CLIPPER.LIB.


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