Toggle asterisk (*) interpretation in the SETCOLOR() string between blinking
 and background intensity

     SETBLINK([<lToggle>]) --> lCurrentSetting


     <lToggle> changes the meaning of the asterisk (*) character when it
     is encountered in a SETCOLOR() string.  Specifying true (.T.) sets
     character blinking on, and false (.F.) sets background intensity.  The
     default is
     true (.T.).


     SETBLINK() returns the current setting as a logical value.


     SETBLINK() is an environment function that toggles the
     blinking/background intensity attribute and reports the current state of
     SETBLINK().  When SETBLINK() is on, characters written to the screen can
     be made to blink by including an asterisk (*) in a color string passed
     to SETCOLOR().  When SETBLINK() is off, the asterisk (*) causes the
     background color to be intensified instead.  Thus, blinking and
     background intensity attributes are not available at the same time.

     Note:  This function is meaningful only on the IBM PC or compatible
     computers with CGA, EGA, or VGA display hardware.


     .  This example saves the current SETBLINK() state before passing
        control to a user-defined function.  Upon return, SETBLINK() is
        restored to its original value:

        lOldBlink := SETBLINK()

 Files   Library is CLIPPER.LIB.


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