Set the cursor shape

     SETCURSOR([<nCursorShape>]) --> nCurrentSetting


     <nCursorShape> is a number indicating the shape of the cursor.  For
     simpler coding, the Setcurs.ch header file provides descriptive names
     for the various cursor shapes as shown in the table below:

     Cursor Shapes
     Shape               Value     Setcurs.ch
     None                0         SC_NONE
     Underline           1         SC_NORMAL
     Lower half block    2         SC_INSERT
     Full block          3         SC_SPECIAL1
     Upper half block    4         SC_SPECIAL2


     SETCURSOR() returns the current cursor shape as a numeric value.


     SETCURSOR() is an environment function that controls the shape of the
     screen cursor.  The actual shape is dependent on the current screen
     driver.  The specified shapes appear on IBM PC and compatible computers.
     On other computers, the appearance may differ for each value specified.

     SETCURSOR(0) is the same as SET CURSOR OFF, and any positive integer
     value of <nCursorShape> less than 5 is the same as SET CURSOR ON.  The
     cursor will display as the selected shape.


     .  This example uses SETCURSOR() to turn on a full block cursor
        for the subsequent READ.  When the READ terminates, SETCURSOR() turns
        off the cursor:

        #include "Setcurs.ch"
        USE Customer NEW
        @ 10, 10 GET Customer->Name
        @ 11, 10 GET Customer->Phone
        SETCURSOR(SC_SPECIAL1)        // Change cursor to a block
        SETCURSOR(SC_NONE)            // Turn off cursor

 Files   Library is CLIPPER.LIB, header file is Setcurs.ch.



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