Return the system time

     TIME() --> cTimeString


     TIME() returns the system time as a character string in the form
     hh:mm:ss.  hh is hours in 24-hour format, mm is minutes, and ss is


     TIME() is a time function that displays the system time on the screen or
     prints it on a report.  TIME() is related to SECONDS() which returns the
     integer value representing the number of seconds since midnight.
     SECONDS() is generally used in place of TIME() for time calculations.


     .  These examples show the results of TIME() used with SUBSTR()
        to extract the hour, minutes, and seconds digits:

        ? TIME()                       // Result: 10:37:17
        ? SUBSTR(TIME(), 1, 2)         // Result: 10
        ? SUBSTR(TIME(), 4, 2)         // Result: 37
        ? SUBSTR(TIME(), 7, 2)         // Result: 17

 Files   Library is CLIPPER.LIB.



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