Convert lowercase characters to uppercase

     UPPER(<cString>) --> cUpperString


     <cString> is the character string to be converted.


     UPPER() returns a copy of <cString> with all alphabetical characters
     converted to uppercase.  All other characters remain the same as in the
     original string.


     UPPER() is a character function that converts lowercase and mixed case
     strings to uppercase.  It is related to LOWER() which converts uppercase
     and mixed case strings to lowercase.  UPPER() is related to the
     ISUPPER() and ISLOWER() functions which determine whether a string
     begins with an uppercase or lowercase letter.

     UPPER() is generally used to format character strings for display
     purposes.  It can, however, be used to normalize strings for case-
     independent comparison or INDEXing purposes.


     .  These examples illustrate the effects of UPPER():

        ? UPPER("a string")           // Result: A STRING
        ? UPPER("123 char = <>")      // Result: 123 CHAR = <>

     .  This example uses UPPER() as part of a case-independent

        USE Customer INDEX CustName NEW
        LIST CustName FOR "KATE" $ UPPER(Customer)

     .  UPPER() is also useful for creating case-independent index key

        USE Customer NEW
        INDEX ON UPPER(Last) TO CustLast

     .  Later, use the same expression to look up Customers:

        MEMVAR->Last = SPACE(15)
        @ 10, 10 GET MEMVAR->Last

        SEEK UPPER(MEMVAR->Last)

 Files   Library is CLIPPER.LIB.


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