Determine the data type returned by an expression

     VALTYPE(<exp>) --> cType


     <exp> is an expression of any type.


     VALTYPE() returns a single character representing the data type returned
     by <exp>.  VALTYPE() returns one of the following characters:

     VALTYPE() Return Values
     Returns   Meaning
     A         Array
     B         Block
     C         Character
     D         Date
     L         Logical
     M         Memo
     N         Numeric
     O         Object
     U         NIL


     VALTYPE() is a system function that takes a single argument, evaluates
     it, and returns a one-character string describing the data type of the
     return value.  It is similar to TYPE(), but differs by actually
     evaluating the specified argument and determining the type of the return
     value.  For this reason, you can determine the type of local and static
     variables, user-defined functions, and EXTEND.LIB functions.  TYPE(), by
     contrast, uses the macro operator (&) to evaluate the type of its
     argument.  Note that if the argument does not exist, an error
     ("undefined error") will occur, unlike TYPE which will return "U."


     .  These examples show the return values for several data types:

        ? VALTYPE(1)                // Result: N
        ? VALTYPE("GOOB")           // Result: C
        ? VALTYPE(NIL)              // Result: U
        ? VALTYPE(array)            // Result: A
        ? VALTYPE(block)            // Result: B

 Files   Library is CLIPPER.LIB.

See Also: TYPE()

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