Convert CALL command numeric parameters from double to integer values

     WORD(<nNumber>) --> NIL


     <nNumber> is the numeric value to be converted to an integer
     specified in the range of plus or minus 32,767, inclusive.


     Used as an argument for the CALL command, WORD() returns an integer.  In
     all other contexts, it returns NIL.


     WORD() is a numeric conversion function that converts numeric parameters
     of the CALL command from double to integer values.  WORD() is a
     compatibility command and, therefore, not recommended.  Both the CALL
     command and the WORD() function are superseded by facilities provided by
     the Extend System.  Refer to the "Using the Extend System" chapter in
     the Technical Reference Guide for more information.


     .  This example uses WORD() as an argument of the CALL command:

        CALL Cproc WITH WORD(30000), "Some text"

 Files   Library is CLIPPER.LIB.


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