Toggle automatic sounding of the bell during full-screen operations

     SET BELL on | OFF | <xlToggle>


     ON enables the BELL.

     OFF disables the BELL.

     <xlToggle> is a logical expression that must be enclosed in
     parentheses.  A value of true (.T.) is the same as ON, and a value of
     false (.F.) is the same as OFF.


     SET BELL is an environment command that toggles the sound of the bell.
     If SET BELL is ON, the bell sounds in the following situations:

     .  The user enters a character at the last position in a GET.

     .  The user attempts to enter invalid data into a GET.  The data
        is validated by the data type of the GET variable, the PICTURE
        template, and by the RANGE clause.  Violating a VALID condition does
        not sound the bell, regardless of the SET BELL status.

     To sound the bell explicitly, you can use either ?? CHR(7) or the TONE()
     function.  TONE() is perhaps more useful since you can vary both the
     pitch and duration of the sound.

 Files   Library is CLIPPER.LIB.



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