Toggle or define GET delimiters

     SET DELIMITERS on | OFF | <xlToggle>
     SET DELIMITERS TO [<cDelimiters> | DEFAULT]


     ON displays delimiters for GET variables.

     OFF suppresses the delimiter display.

     <xlToggle> is a logical expression that must be enclosed in
     parentheses.  A value of true (.T.) is the same as ON, and a value of
     false (.F.) is the same as OFF.

     TO <cDelimiters> defines a one or two character delimiter.
     Specifying a single character uses the same character as both the
     beginning and ending delimiter.  Specifying two characters uses the
     first as the beginning delimiter and the second as the ending delimiter.

     TO DEFAULT or no delimiters SETs the delimiters to colons which are
     the default delimiters.


     SET DELIMITERS is a dual purpose command that both defines characters
     used to delimit GETs and toggles the automatic display of delimiters ON
     or OFF.  The @...GET command can display delimiters that surround a Get
     object's display.  If DELIMITERS is ON, the delimiters add two
     characters to the length of the Get object display.

     You can configure the delimiter characters using the TO <cDelimiters>
     clause.  The DEFAULT delimiter character is the colon (:).  When
     specifying delimiters, the beginning and ending delimiter characters can
     be different.  If you wish to suppress either the right, left, or both
     delimiters, use a space instead of the delimiter character.

     Typically, delimiters are unnecessary since GETs display in reverse
     video or enhanced color if INTENSITY is ON.


     .  This example SETs DELIMITERS TO a colon and a space for the
        first GET and the square bracket characters for the second:

        LOCAL cVar := SPACE(5), cVar2 := SPACE(5)

        SET DELIMITERS TO ": "
        @ 1, 0 SAY "Enter" GET cVar
        SET DELIMITERS TO "[]"
        @ 2, 0 SAY "Enter" GET cVar2

 Files   Library is CLIPPER.LIB.



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