Declare a module identifier

     ANNOUNCE <idModule>


     <idModule> is a module identifier name.


     ANNOUNCE is a declaration statement that defines a module identifier.  A
     linker may use this identifier later to satisfy pending module REQUESTs.
     ANNOUNCE and REQUEST provide a mechanism for managing application
     modules (.prg files).

     Specify ANNOUNCE statements prior to any executable statements in a
     program file.  A source (.prg) file can only have one module identifier;
     all subsequent ANNOUNCE declarations produce a compiler warning and will
     be ignored.  Module identifiers must be unique and should not duplicate
     the name of any procedures or user-defined functions in a source (.prg)


     .  This example illustrates the ANNOUNCE declaration:

        ANNOUNCE CustomInit

           ? "Hypothetical Industries, Inc."

        The above program module, CustomInit, should be compiled with the /N
        option.  Subsequently, the program is addressed in the source code of
        another program module through use of the REQUEST statement,

        REQUEST CustomInit

        which causes the module CustomInit to be linked into the resultant
        executable (.EXE) file.



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