Toggle fixing of the number of decimal digits displayed

     SET FIXED on | OFF | <xlToggle>


     ON fixes the decimal places display at the number of digits
     specified by SET DECIMALS.

     OFF allows the operation or function to determine the number of
     decimal places to display.

     <xlToggle> is a logical expression that must be enclosed in
     parentheses.  A value of true (.T.) is the same as ON, and a value of
     false (.F.) is the same as OFF.


     SET FIXED toggles control of the display of decimal digits by the
     current DECIMALS setting.  When FIXED is ON, display of all numeric
     output is fixed at the DECIMALS setting (two places if the SET DECIMALS
     default value is in effect).  When FIXED is OFF, numeric output displays
     according to the default rules for numeric display.  These are described
     in the "Basic Concepts" chapter of the Programming and Utilities Guide.

     Note that SET FIXED and SET DECIMALS affect only the display format of
     numeric values and not the actual numeric precision of calculations.

 Files   Library is CLIPPER.LIB.


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