Assign a character string to a function key

     SET FUNCTION <nFunctionKey> TO <cString>


     <nFunctionKey> is the number of the function key to receive the

     TO <cString> specifies the character string to assign to


     SET FUNCTION assigns a character string to a function key numbered
     between 1 and 40 inclusive.  When the user presses the assigned function
     key, <cString> is stuffed into the keyboard buffer.  <cString> can
     include control characters, such as a Ctrl+C or Ctrl+S to perform
     navigation or editing actions in a wait state.

     List of Function Key Mappings
     Function Key      Actual Key
      1 - 10           F1 - F10
     11 - 20           Shift+F1 - Shift+F10
     21 - 30           Ctrl+F1 - Ctrl+F10
     31 - 40           Alt+F1 - Alt+F10

     Warning!  In Clipper, SET FUNCTION is preprocessed into SET KEY
     and KEYBOARD commands.  This means that SET FUNCTION has the effect of
     clearing any SET KEY for the same key number and vice versa.  This is
     incompatible with previous releases, which maintained separate lists of
     SET FUNCTION keys and SET KEY keys.

 Files   Library is CLIPPER.LIB.


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